Characteristics of Naturopathy

As we all know therapy is a measure taken to treat an ailment. There are various methods for therapies including the most popular Allopathic treatment, which uses western medicines for cure; Ayurvedic and Unani therapies, which use medicines made out of herbs; and Homeopathy, which again uses a few medications for the treatment. There are some other common methods too Acupressure, Acupuncture, Magnetic treatment, healing with Cosmic energy, Mantra treatment, Black magic etc.

An important thing to note here is that all these methods involve use of man - made medicines, whereas in Naturopathy medicines are the construction material (five basic elements - earth, water, sun shine, air, and fire) of a living body, these are natural or god given. None of these can be constructed in a human laboratory; these are god given and will always be god given.

This is the reason that man - made medicines have limited effects and benefits. Other treatment methodologies too have limited benefits. They can be used to manage certain situations, however, complete health and holistic treatment is not possible to attain through them. Also, not every illness can be cured using such therapies. Whereas Naturopathy has unlimited power and it can cure any disease. Naturopathy removes the very basic reason or root of a disease. Therefore, it is possible to treat the root cause of each disease with this treatment process.

Second special feature of Naturopathy is that this process has no side effect. Unfortunately if a person is not benefited under this treatment then at least be assured that no one is ever harmed or has to bear unsafe side effects due to Naturopathy. Although, it is not possible that no benefit is gained with this treatment, even if during the treatment period no visible improvement or benefit is observed, it cannot be concluded that that there is no improvement now and there will not be any improvement later. The situation is an indication that the ailment is deep rooted in the person; internal wear and tear is more than it appears, and the person needs Naturopathy for bit more duration. In other words, the delay is an indication that the chronic nature of the ailment requires more work with natural treatment.

Third benefit is that in most treatment methodologies, the first condition is that the person should be suffering from some or the other kind of disease. Only an ill person can get medicine or avail treatment.

However, anyone can gain benefit from Naturopathy, whether visibly ill or not. As per their wish all can take advantage and improve their health with natural treatment methodology. Everyone can alter their lifestyle and food habits to sync with nature’s rule to remain youthful and energetic for a longer duration. It is possible to cast off your old and tired body and metamorphose into a new and fresh you.

Main resources of Naturopathy that is the basic five elements of earth, water, sun shine, air, and fire are available in every country and city. Also, it is nature’s rule that these basic elements are available for free to all irrespective of cast, creed, colour, gender, age, language, religion, and economic status. We need to understand their (five basic elements) appropriate usage, prepare ourselves to use these resources to improve our health and change our belief that only medicines can improve our health. Reality is that we can be healthy only if we do not use medicines; medicines can only help in managing the health issues during a particular time and situation.

This methodology is economical too, and quite cheaper than the other available treatment methodologies. This is our last resort for complete health.