Our Objectives

  • Our objective is to reach out to the lower income group in rural and urban areas and to make them available this esoteric methodology of naturopathy.
  • To help chronic patients, who do not have any hope left with other treatment methodologies, heal using naturopathy.
  • Educate and bring awareness in common people about the complexities of an artificial lifestyle.
  • Help common people to use organic food products grown without using poisonous insecticides chemical fertilizers.
  • Publishing and broadcasting literature about naturopathy.

In this era of commercialization various overpriced hospital brands have made treatment process expensive and elusive for middle class. In addition, it is important to understand that Allopathic methodology simply prepares us to live with the disease. It’s a management system, a method to supress the symptoms of a disease. Accident and medical emergencies are best handled with allopathic treatment. However, chronic and incurable diseases cannot be treated completely with this methodology. Still, due to lack of alternative common man is forced to reach out to the costly hospital brands. The business of medical insurance claims also flourished with the fat bills of these hospitals. We can conclude that these two businesses are mutually dependent and it’s not an exaggeration. Especially for the underprivileged class illness and pregnancies are the times of deep sadness and fear. Middle class and lower middle class also find it unaffordable to get the right medical treatment. Unfortunately, commercialization has quickly seeped into alternate treatment methodologies too. In such a scenario, Tapowardhan Chikitsa Kendra offer hope and support to the indigent and common citizens of India. Our center offers free treatment for the poor and those cannot even afford meals are provided food and support for getting medical tests done. We do not claim that every cancer patient can be or all kinds of cancers can be cured by us but this is also true that many cancer patients in our centre have prolonged their lives and got relieved from extreme pain to great extent.