As Indoor Patient

Hectic Daily Routine, Living in Noisy - Polluted Environment, Irregular - Unhealthy - Unnatural – Artificial Lifestyle & Processed & Complex Food Habits, Unnecessary Worrying Habit, and Keeping Distance from Mother Nature and due to the collective effect of all these factors ACCUMULATION OF TOXIC & FOREIGN ELEMENTS START IN OUR BODY and these are the basic causes of Diseases.

In the System of Nature Cure or Naturopathy, the most important thing is; to overcome the aforementioned causes, to cleanse the body internally and to learn the art to regain healthy state of body and mind – and this is absolutely possible.

To achieve this, a person is required to stay inside the campus of Naturopathy Centre, within natural flora and fauna, in pure lush green, calm and pollution free surroundings and to eradicate the root causes of diseases. Staying in the campus itself is a significant part of the entire treatment programme and it should be kept in mind that there is no short cut or alternative to it.

The huge premises of Tapovardhan Prakritik Chikitsa Kendra is located amidst the vast green lands on the pollution free, clean, quiet banks of the river Ganga at a distance of 200 mitres towards south. During the Naturopathy Course of their Treatment, indoor patients can live in the on premise mud cottages that are equipped with modern style bathrooms and other facilities. Amenities for 20 – 22 indoor and 50 outdoor patients are available according to our existing resources. With the aid from Bihar Government a new residential complex for 160 patients is being constructed. After completion of this complex outstation patients or patients with serious or chronic diseases can live in this residential complex to avail proper treatment. Meals are arranged for indoor patients and their attendants within the centre. One might have to reside on the campus for a bit longer duration as Natural Treatment Process takes a little longer to come in to effect and regain good health with naturopathy benefits. Therefore, daily requirements are taken care of within the premises of our centre. Type of Natural treatment and schedule is determined according to the disease, stage of the disease and the condition of the patient. Starting from 6:30 morning to 12:30 noon and from 3:30 to 6:30 evening patients are administered various treatments including that from mud, water and sunshine; pollution free and healthy air of the campus aids sick patients throughout the day to move towards recovery.