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“Yoga - A method in Naturopathy” - B.K.S. Ayengar.
According to the noted Yog Guru Sri B.K.S. Ayengar, Yoga is an important element of Naturopathy. In other words, Naturopathy or nature is the mother and yoga is its able child. I want to draw your attention at this point that in the present perspective, the mother is overshadowed by the child, although its healing potential is immense. The Mother Nature has certain rules and principles which if followed leads to health and prosperity, and if violated leads to illness and misery.
Nature has its own secrets and communication skills, and conveys messages in its own unique language, and if we understand and follow the instructions, we can keep ourselves healthy naturally. Even if we fall ill by mistake or out of ignorance, however serious, can zoom back to our original state by following the rules of nature.
A healthy body, always looks beautiful. The contribution of Charaka andSushrutled to development of many indigenous methods of treatment such as Allopath (English medicine), Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Unani, Mantra treatment and Naturopathy. Every method of treatment has its own merits and limitations. If we compare all the methods of treatments, we can easily find out that Allopathy is best suited for treatment of emergency situations. While Naturopathy is an easy and the best scientific treatment to become and stay healthy.
In the last 19 years we have seen quite a number of miraculous results, just by following and applying the methods and principals of Naturopathy. Some of which, I am sharing in our “Success Stories” page.