How is Tapovardhan prakritik Chikitsa Kendra different from any other Naturopathy Centres?

  • Other Naturopathy centers have been made for commercial purposes, but our center always view Naturopathy as a service.
  • Our center still follows Gandhiji’s ideology - "Bahujan Hitay Bahujan Sukhay".
  • In our center both poor and rich patients are treated with the same respect and perseverance.
  • Incurable diseases like kidney failure, cancer, etc are treated in our center.
  • Innovative Naturopathy is done in our center.
  • By researching Nature's methods, we find new ways of treating diseases through Naturopathy.
  • We explain the scientific side of Naturopathy to the patient.
  • We never hide anything from a patient, but rather tell him/her the whole thing about the disease that has happened to him/her and also how s/he will be cured.
  • We treat our patients and motivate them to learn Naturopathy so that they can keep their body completely healthy.

Can I get consultation from the doctor without visiting the centre?

Yes, Naturopathy can also be done at home easily. Keeping that in mind, we offer Distant Therapy Consultation in our centre. For detailed description and to avail this facility, please go to the link below –

What is the distance between the Tapovardhan Prakritik Chikitsa Kendra and Bhagalpur Railway Station?

Our center is located in front of Sudha factory, about 4 kilometers from Bhagalpur railway station. For detailed description and location map, please visit the link given below –

Which Airport is nearest to the Tapovardhan Prakritik Chikitsa Kendra?

Our center is located in Bhagalpur from where the nearest airport is in Patna and Bagdogra. From Patna or Bagdogra, one can reach our centre in Bhagalpur by car, bus or by rail route.

Details of reaching Bhagalpur by road from the nearest airport –

Is there any need to do advance booking to get treatment at your centre?

Yes, patients need to do advance booking and we suggest everyone that if you are not a resident of Bhagalpur, then please consult with our doctor first through phone before coming here and availing Naturopathy treatment. To contact our center, please call the given number : + 91-9939875509, + 91-9973979040

How long will I have to stay at the centre to completely heal my body?

Each patient’s recovery time differs depending on the patient’s disease and condition of that disease. Contact our center at the given number for more details – + 91-9939875509, + 91-9973979040

Do you provide Ayurvedic Treatment?

No, Naturopathy is a complete medical system in itself. It does not require Ayurveda or Ayurvedic medicines. In our center, the patient is treated through his/her diet and five elements of  Nature – soil, water, sun, air and sky.

Is there any allopathic hospital or a doctor nearby for emergency needs?

Yes, Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College & Hospital is located at a short distance from our center, where necessary doctors and facilities are available to deal with every emergency. Also, there are many hospitals within a radius of 2 kilometers. It is important to remember that Naturopathy is impractical in emergency situations, but immediately after dealing with the emergency, make your body completely healthy and new through Naturopathy.

Will Naturopathy help me stop my current medications?

Yes, absolutely, through Naturopathy one can get rid of any medicine but without the instruction of the doctor, neither discontinue any medicine nor start taking any medicine, this can harm the body and ongoing treatment.