Our Uniqueness

Bold, Research Based and InnovativeTreatment :

We proudly state that we make continous efforts to treat and heal patients suffering from chronic disease. We also provide naturopathy treatment for high blood pressure and other diseases such as different types of Arthritis, High And Low Blood Pressure, Psoraosis, Egzema, Kidney Problems etc., Many types of Cancers can be successfully treated with naturopathic cancer treatment. Naturopathy treatment for diabetes can save patients from life time dependency on allopathic medicines, which have many side effects. Sometimes patients become withdrawn from life and scared of their diseases our center not only offers treatment of their problems but also gives hope and a new healthy life to the patients. Every patient is given unique treatment and naturopathy diet plan according to his disease, condition and stage. In addition, continuous researches are carried out to find out new natural methods of handling various types of disesases.

  • Experiments with salt could offer cure for psoriasis
  • Kidney problems could be resolved with logical use of pure and natural honey
  • Age related hearing problems and deafness due to other reasons were treated with a specially developed natural ear drop; following the use of which showed immediate results. There is an ongoing research for improving upon the formula and 95 percent of our patients have shown immediate positive results.
  • Health benefits of living in a mud house was established
  • Deadly disease called Paget's of bones was successfully treated with a systematic use of apple and curd made of cow’s milk.
  • We are successful in reverting untimely growing of hair, researches are progress towards achieving same results for male beard and moustache.

We are extremely hopeful and confident after successful treatment of the patients, who have lost hope and are unable to avail treatment from Expensive Branded Hospitals. We are sure that our Bold, Research Based and InnovativeTreatment methodology will reach new height in the field of alternate medicine. We believe our naturopathic doctors will soon discover new dimensions for the treatment of chronic and degenerative diseases.

Ambience :

Peaceful green environs helps patient regain their mental composure and discover their true selves. Close proximity to the Nature brings back the lost enthusiasm in physically weak and distraught patients and they instinctively adopt Natural Treatments to get rid of their ailments. We do not even prune bushes on our grounds without reason. We never use any chemical insecticide; if required we boil Neem leaves, make diluted solution of cow dung and use the water as spray. We use Tulsi leaves to keep away mosquitos. Our efforts are concentrated towards maintaining a natural balance in the premises. You would come across various animals existing together on our naturopathy centre grounds. Our grounds are a sanctuary to many endangered species and migratory birds too. Living in such an ambience inevitably revives the life force of the patients.

Live food (or Amrit Ahaar) :

Hindi word Amrit is conjunction of two words (a) not and (mrit) dead, i.e. living. Consumption of water and air in alive state, Pure & Natural Honey, Coarse Wheat Flour with Bran, Unpolished Brown Rice, Lentils (Dal) with skin, Green Vegetable cooked in such a manner that the nutrients remain intact or undestroyed, chemical free Black Jaggery etc. create the foundation of our treatment. Experiments with such food help us in treating chronic ailments. We also ensure that even after completion of treatment, pure, natural and chemical free live food items may easily get available to the former patients of our centre.

Treatment method :

Naturopathy is unique treatment method. People who are unaware of the miracles of Nature may find it surprising that how a diseased body could be cured or healed without using medicines or surgery. But, this is true that a naturopathic doctor can heal patients just by changing diet without prescribing medicines and doing surgery In other words, rational changes of food in such a manner that our daily food acts like medicine and with various uses of earth (mud), water, sun, air and mineral salts it is possible to restore health within a short time span, even in the patients who are suffering from chronic diseases. Naturopathy strengthens the power of recovery to such level that diseased or non-performing organs recovers and starts performing again in natural manner as a result the disease gets cured. Uniqueness of our centre lies in our innovative and continual research to find latest approaches to treat chronic and degenerative diseases.

Diagnose the Disease by the Changes in Facial Expressions :

You must have noticed change in your present face and your appearance in the pictures taken few years back. You must have felt that there are some changes in the features when meeting a friend or relative after a long period. Each one of us has seen or observed these changes over the period but may never have given a thought to it that what these changes actually are. We dismiss such changes as an effect of aging. However, changes on your face are illustrations of the changes taking place in the organs deep inside the body. An expert Naturopathic Physician with an understanding of decoding these facial signals of nature can assess the actual cause of disease or the diseased portion of the body and provide a cure for it. The most important benefit of this method is that we can know the disease in the growing stage itself, in advance, means well within the safe time, as a result - important organs can be saved from being completely damaged. Another benefit of this method is that, if by chance, the diagnostic reports are faulty due to any procedural lapse, the mismatch of reports and the facial expressions, an expert naturopathic practitioner is able to find it out and instead of doing treatment on the basis of the faulty report, he/she can ask for another examination or test, prior to making any line of treatment, however, there is no side effect of any treatment of Naturopathy and any person who is healthy can very well take benefits of Naturopathy as well. Our naturopathy based treatment gives one a much younger look.