What is Natural Treatment?

In simple and easy words treatment means a method to cure an ailment. It is important to understand that all living organisms have an inherent capability and provision for repairing their bodies and get rid of unusual anomalies. Two common examples can be presented to further clarify the statement: broken skin or a fractured bone is healed and joined by the living body on its own. No drug or medication can ever heal the broken skin or join a fractured bone. Only medicines cannot do this wonder. Use of plaster for fractured bones simply provides safety against external pressure and helps the bones to keep them in their proper place. The plaster here is not in effect joining the broken bones. The example explains if a living body can heal broken skin and repair fractured bones on its own it can also fight and get rid of any internal ailment using the inherent energy and capability. The body, in fact, begins doing so immediately. However, an important condition for doing so is that essential nutrients are available for the body and the person is in vicinity of the nature. All unnatural obstacles will hinder the process of restoration.

When organs are functioning in a way they should then it is a natural and healthy state. Being sick, weak or unwell is not natural but an unnatural condition. If all organs of the body are in healthy and in natural state, a person’s lifestyle is natural, that is, it is not artificial; then our body immediately starts repairing itself at the very onset of the illness and strives towards regaining the natural balance. Daily routine and lifestyle of birds and animals is close to the nature, thus as soon as they are unwell, nature habitually begins the healing process. At the same time, sick birds and animals too using organically available products, following their natural instincts, i.e. , under the guidance of nature begin their own treatment. All living beings in nature including plants, trees, birds, animals, insects and human beings with a living body are capable of healing, repairing and restoring themselves on their own.

All living bodies are composed of earth, water, sun shine, air, and fire, which mean that these are the construction material of our body. In the event of collapsing or breakdown of a house, furniture or machinery, the repair is possible only with the help of the basic material of which these are originally made; similarly all living being of the earth are made up of five elements and these elements can help in healing them.

Just as, a house built using brick and cement, if is in decrepit condition, its repair would take brick and cement; furniture made out of wood can be fixed using wood; similarly our body made up of earth, water, sun shine, air, and fire can be cured using only these resources. Just as the construction material of a house should be near to the house being constructed similarly an ailing body should remain near to these basic elements or nature to heal itself.