What is Naturopathy

Treatment in easy simple words is a measure taken to cure an ailment.

Specialties of Naturopathy

Main resources of natural treatment that is basic five elements of earth, water, sun shine, air, and fire are available in every country and city.

Fast as Therapy

Literal meaning of Upwas is being near to the supreme power. However, what is fasting (Upwas) and how it actually benefit us…

Treatment as Per Conditions

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Following the Gandhian philosophy “Bahujan Hitay, Bahujan Sukhay,” (for the welfare & happiness of the majority of mankind) this Centre was established as a place for the welfare of people. We never consider treatment of disease as resource to wealth rather we are active with a motto to serve the society.

Introduction - in Brief

Mahatma Gandhi came in touch with Naturopathy or Nature Cure in South Africa and brought along literature of Naturopathy, while coming back to India. He was a strong believer & supporter of Naturopathy and he understood that it is the best mode of treatment available for poor country like India. He wanted to use this therapy as tool to boycott Western Allopathic Medicines. He used to address it KUDRATI ILAAJ (or Natural Treatment).

By the inspiration of Gandhi ji, renowned Freedom Fighter late Dr Sadanand Singh, started Prakritik Chikitsa Kendra (a Naturopathy Sanatorium) in his home town, Bhagalpur, on 18 December 1954. The social workers of Bhagalpur SHRI BANARSI KOTHARIWAL and SHRI MADANLAL HIMMATSINGHKA initially helped Dr. Singh with his endeavour.

The centre was Formally Inaugurated by Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan on 14 March 1955. It was BIHAR VIBHUTI Shri Anugrah Narayan Sinha, (first education minister) who ornamented the Centre by accepting the founder Chairmanship.

Our Objectives

  • Our objective is to reach out to the lower income group in rural and urban areas and to make them available this mode of treatment of the privilege class.
  • To help chronic patients, who do not have any hope left with other treatment methodologies.
  • Educate and bring awareness in common people about the complexities of an artificial lifestyle.
  • Help common people to use organic food products grown without using poisonous insecticides chemical fertilizers.
  • Publishing and broadcasting literature about Naturopathy.

In this era of commercialization various overpriced hospital brands have made treatment process expensive and elusive for middle class.

Glimpse of Our Extra Ordinary Therapies...

Instant Therapy for
Hearing Impairment

A new treatment has been developed at this Centre for persons suffering from Hearing Impairment. In most of the cases results are extra ordinary and encouraging.

Special Therapy of Eyes

Special treatment for patients suffering from Degenerative Diseases of Eyes for example Glaucoma, Retinal Detachment etc has been developed in this Centre. These treatments have yielded extra ordinary and encouraging results.

Special Treatment of
Kidney Diseases

Special treatment for patients, suffering from Diseases of Kidneys, has been developed in this Centre. These treatments have yielded extra ordinary and encouraging results.

Special Salts Bath

To Quickly Remove Toxins from Body, Special Mineral Salts Baths have been developed in this Centre. The results of this treatment have been found amazing and encouraging.

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